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What is your design philosophy?



We provide clients with designs and services that meet global standards. Interior design is an international language. We believe design that comes from the heart, and will be eventually seen and appreciated by the audiences .

Tell us about your most memorable design project?



Actually, every design is unique and memorable for us.

嘉熙 (Solaria):


1 year warranty will be provided for each project. However, this client didn’t ask for any touch up and was very happy with the end result. This gives our team a deep sense of achievement and encouragement because it is a compliment towards our time management, work quality and services.

翠湖花園 (Garden Vista):

團隊為客人的家中打造一個不用預約,無時無刻都可享受酒店般的體驗 Stay[Home]cation,試問世上還有比[家]更安全、更舒適的場地體驗 staycation嗎?

Our team creates a hotel-like home environment for this client.There is no need for reservations, people living there can enjoy a Stay[Home]cation compatible with a Staycation in a grand hotel. There is no such place in the world that is as safe and comfortable as their own home for Staycation.

深灣9號 (Marinella):

在新房子正式交收的前一個晚上,主人突然禮貌客氣的來電,興奮地詢問能否在預定的前一個晚上前來率先看看家的新貌。門鈴響起,打開門迎面而來的是充滿期待的眼睛;小朋友雀躍的半跑半跳地走進新家,從一雙好奇的眼睛中,驚嘆著的是設計創造的力量。滿足地站在身後的我們看著這個美麗的畫面,突然更能感受到這位母親的用心,以及她對於「家」真正的定義 - 這也許不是世界上最完美無瑕的,但一定是最有溫度,令人安心去繼續憧憬的地方,一個把人的故事連結設計的家。

One night we received a call from a client who originally would get the new design apartment the day after. She asked us politely but full of excitement if she could see the end result a day earlier than the appointment. The doorbell rang and we opened the door. We saw eyes filled with excitement. Her children walked into their new house with joy and awe. From their reaction and full of curiosity, we knew they were amazed by the power of creation and design. We looked at this beautiful picture from behind, we finally understood the heart of this mother who uses her heart to manage this family and also is the definition of ‘home’. It may not be the most ‘perfect’ place in the world, however, it must be the warmest and the safest environment for family members to prosper. This is a home that links up people and design.

What’s next for your company? 公司未來動向如何?


Three year plan:
Expand the team, use our heart to complete every design and let more clients know BRG this interior design brand.


希望BRG 設計品牌不只徘徊香港,要抱有國際視野,讓客人享受到時間、質量、服務都具有國際化的標準。

We hope that the brand B.R.G. is not just within Hong Kong but also, having international reach and a global vision, helping clients enjoy quality of time, product and service up to international level.

Link: https://www.homejournal.com/en/article/3-Minutes-with-Raphael-Wong-from-B.R.G.-Interior-Design/