“The only limit is our imagination”

"Patricia" is our recent design project renovating a 380ft unit in a traditional ‘H-shape’ public housing estate aged more than 30 years. This unit has a deep meaning for the owner as it is the warmest shelter for her family of five, but also a place that nurtured three children with a healthy and happy childhood. 

As time passes by, children gradually stand up on their own feet. Some enter society, some even being independent and forming families. The once crowded home starts to free up more space. It triggers the owner to reorganize the space for a more spacious, simple and comfortable living environment.

Our designer divides the unit into eight main spaces using designated materials and colours. Meanwhile, using uniformed elements such as metal fitting and furniture coating to link up each space. Gray colour with gradient from light to dark is used on the entrance wall to distinguish the space of the corridor, living room and dining room in order to create a visually spacious effect.

For the room partition, our designer builds the consolidation with gypsum board and wooden wall. Sound insulation cotton is being placed on the wall to achieve a more peaceful living environment. 

In the kitchen, laundry room and toilet area, we use matt black tone stone-look floor tiles to separate the wet and dry working spaces. This design also can highlight the colour and texture of wooden furniture and wall tiles.
To suit different living styles of everyone, interior design has always been wrestling with aesthetics and practicality. I hope this project is helpful for you to find out your favourite design and lifestyle.